New Tech: G-Technology G-Dock Offer I Simply Couldn’t Refuse

I picked up a deal too good to miss out on this weekend. I wasn’t really prepared to spend a lot of money, but this deal just screamed out to me and I couldn’t let it slip by and miss out.

I recently discovered CVP, a photography and broadcast company based in Brentford just around the corner from where I live in Chiswick. Slap in the middle of their home page, I noticed a promo offering two FREE 1tb ev drives with the 2tb G-Technology G-Dock ev for £474 (a total of 4tb). That may sound like a lot of money, but the two free drives are worth about £200 collectively!

If you’re unfamiliar with the G-Dock system, it’s a really nifty way to organise multiple drives and connect them into a handy single thunderbolt dock. The drives themselves even work independently of the dock with USB 3.0 so they’re super fast even on their own and allow for amazing portability!

At the moment, they come in 1tb, 2tb (HDD) and 500gb (SSD) options, though I imagine in the future they will offer large sizes as the technology improves.


The nice thing about having a docking system for drives is that you can keep your desk relatively clutter free from multiple drives, power supplies and cables, as well as getting the added benefit of a portable solution when you need it. For the moment, I don’t really need the extra storage space as I’ve got quite a few other drives, but I know that I will definitely need some over the next year or so; especially with my new focus on video production.

Right now, I’m just working out how I’m going to use them. For the moment I’m thinking of putting my active photo library on one of them so that I can take it with me anywhere and not have to worry too much about fiddling around with plugging cables in and out of my iMac.

So, if you’re in need of some extra storage space or just want to plan ahead, I couldn’t recommend this offer enough! Not only for the promotion but also for how insanely reliable G-Tech are for the build quality and performance of their drives. Absolutley rock-solid.

You can pick up the offer over at CVP, but be quick as I have no idea how long it will last!

G-Tech G-Dock with 2 free drives

* Please note that I am simply sharing this offer from a personal point of view and have no affiliation to either G-Tech or CVP.

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