I’m Going to Tokyo!

I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I was a little boy playing Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation and next month I’m finally going to Tokyo! Since meeting Elly 5 years ago at Uni, I’ve heard all about her multiple trips to Japan to see her family and have been increasingly jealous of everything I’ve heard about the country, so I am truly pumped about this trip!

Elly’s already going to Hong Kong followed by Tokyo and I made a last minute decision to join her on the Japan leg of the trip. I think the short notice aspect of this decision is probably what’s fuelling my excitement even more!

Japanese dreams

From the technology and logical processes, to the cleanliness and appreciation for perfection amongst everything; Japan is world apart from anywhere I’ve ever heard of and I can’t bloody wait.

Photo and video

Of course, a trip like this is going to be jam-packed with plenty of photography and video, not to mention plenty of opportunities to purchase new camera equipment (oops?). My focus over the past few months has definitely been on improving my filmmaking, though I’m hoping to have an even spread between photography and video content; as I just know the difference in culture and scenery is going to blow me away.

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In preparation for the insanely favourable prices, I have been researching cameras and other equipment to buy. I’ve been looking for a high-end compact for a considerable amount of time now and had my eyes set on a couple of options:

Fuji X100S/T – £799.95 from John Lewis (UK) ~£650 in Japan
A classic design applied around a modern digital system with great photographic capabilities and a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder. This camera looks like it can really throw some fun into photography.

Sony RX100 III – £699.95 from John Lewis (UK) ~£450 in Japan
An absolute king amongst compact cameras, the RX100 has remained at the top spot of quality for the past few years. With superb photo results and impressive video quality and specs, this camera definitely packs a huge amount of performance in a small package.

This video was a good piece of analysis that I needed in terms of making my decision (I know it’s comparing the X30, but I interpreted the X-Series of cameras as a whole based on other reviews). You should check out DigitalRev for more reviews and also take a browse through their store as the prices are very competitive.

Having toyed with the idea of both cameras, I eventually settled my heart on the Sony RX100 III (even without ever touching one), as I really want to have a great video option as well as a photographic camera.

Then Canon went and released the G7X.

Canon G7X – £579.95 from John Lewis (UK) ~£330 in Japan
I’ve still not held a G7X, and since the release I have now played with the Sony and found it to be quite fiddly to use. All of my other cameras are Canon and having watched a ton of reviews on YouTube, I’ve now decided that I will be getting the G7X. What’s more, it actually works out to be about £100 cheaper than the Sony, which by the way is already about £200 cheaper in Japan than it is here in the UK.

I’m really looking forward to finally having a high quality camera in a compact size and hope that it will give me more opportunities for creating content in the future!

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