Greenwich Park Squirrels

I went for a walk through Greenwich park with my camera yesterday, hoping to get some good shots of the London skyline from a new perspective, as I had never been to the park before. The view was pretty stunning. The altitude at the top of the hill gives a fantastic vantage point for clear shots facing towards Canary Wharf and Central London. The weather was pretty crisp for a Winter’s day and there was a definite haziness across all of my photos so I wasn’t massively overwhelmed with the photos I got, so I decided to move on.

When walking a bit further around the park, I noticed that there was a rather large number of squirrels about and decided to get down to their level and take some shots. The squirrels seemed extremely tame as they were quite often advancing towards me and at one point getting close enough to touch my shoes. They were still pretty sudden with their movements and so I had to get as stable as possible when taking the shots, as well as bumping up my shutter speed as fast as I could go with the light available. I could have got up and walked away, but instead I switched lenses to the 70-200mm and got even lower to the ground. I was so glad that I persisted as I got some amazing shots of the squirrels close up which I am extremely pleased with. Take a look at them below!

From the success of these Greenwich Park photos and also from another trip to The Regent’s Park, I have decided to create a project dedicated to the squirrels and possibly other creatures of London’s Royal Parks (Hyde/Greenwich/St. James’s/Regents/Richmond/Bushy/Green Park, Kensington Gardens and Brompton Cemetery). Make sure to check out the project in my portfolio and keep checking back to see updates!

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  1. Joe, these are wonderful. Can I have one as a desktop background? Pref the suspicious looking one second from bottom. He looks fun.


  2. […] the success of the Greenwich Park Squirrels images, I have decided to create a project dedicated to the squirrels and possibly other creatures […]

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