The New GoPro Hero4 videos are Incredible!

A few weeks ago, I saw this spine-tingling (literally left me feeling incredible) promotional video for the new GoPro Hero4, released last month. The main feature that GoPro are raving about is the ability to shoot at 4k resolution (4x full 1080p HD) at a standard frame rate of 30fps. This video absolutely delivers on promoting this feature. The quality is insane and has me wanting to buy one immediately, considering this all comes from a pocketable camera at £369! They even have a new entry level model for just £99 too! Check out the video above and make sure to watch in the highest resolution your display will support, then watch the extended versions below!

Unfolding the inner stories

The main promo video is made up of multiple Adventures of Life in 4k and GoPro are slowly releasing the extended versions of each adventure. I think the quality of the filming is outstanding and you should definitely watch these and let me know what you think!

Short documentary of a descent deep into a volcano

A look inside the insane underground world of Japanese supercar drivers

Taming wild mustangs in the open

Breathtaking visuals of climbers ascending icebergs

Incredible point of view of one of the largest dance festivals in the world

Up close encounters rescuing orcas

The other adventures will be released over the coming weeks, so I will update here with the each instalment to the series.

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