Fireworks + Drone + GoPro = Holy Shit!

GoPros are fantastic. There’s no doubting that anyone with a slight interest in making videos will have some sort of affection towards the teeny tiny versatile camera, that is so often involved in extreme locations. GoPro’s own YouTube channel does a great job of collating a whole host of videos made entirely on the little pieces of high quality goodness; but one video published on July 4th has just blown me away.

The video is actually an edit and reupload of Jos Stiglingh’s original, who published the video about a month before. Jos flew a GoPro through some fireworks giving an incredibly amazing perspective that no one will ever see in person, it’s like being in the middle of an explosion!

Bonus GoPro

For a bonus, if you’re feeling rather intrigued and adventurous take a look at the Hero3 showreel from last year.


Finally, if you’ve not seen my latest video from my recent trip to Paris, you can see it below! – some parts were even filmed on a GoPro 😉

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