#AwesomeAugust – Red Bull Air Race in 30 Seconds

Continuing the month of #AwesomeAugust I was at the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot Racecourse. I was there for two reasons:
– Enjoyment of the event
– To get photos and videos (more importantly video experience of a sports event)

Unlike the Bristol Balloon fiesta, the weather was grand so the event went ahead as planned. YES.

Read on for more photos and the final video too.

Warm Up

First of all, the whole event was amazing, but before the racing began, there were supporting ‘acts’ to get everyone in the mood for all things flying. The Red Arrows opened the day, though unfortunately they didn’t actually do a display performance. They literally just flew past in formation; as if they were on their way to another event for the afternoon.

Following the Red Arrows, were performances from an RAF Chinook, a Spitfire and a pair of Brietling Wing Walkers. The most impressive was the Chinook by far. I’ve been to many airdays and helicopter events, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Chinook put through it’s paces and manoeuvred with such skill before. At times, it was spinning a full 180º whilst flying at quite a speed. It was even able to position itself almost vertically downward at 90º. Seriously impressive.

The Championship

The main event was the individual pilots in the Red Bull Air Race Championship competing for the fastest times around a circuit in the air. Through knockout stages and then eventually down to the final 4, each pilot showed immense control over the tiny planes. On some of the bends, the tightness of the turns and speed they were flying meant they were actually turning with about 10 g-forces!

I got tonnes of footage of the planes and plenty of photos throughout the day. As this was the first time filming a sports event, I noticed that I got significantly better at tracking the planes as the day went on compared to the beginning; which is good news. Photography wise, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with fast subjects so I was able to get a few photos that I’m quite pleased with.

Unfortunately, with all the footage I got, I failed to get anything that would show a narrative within a short film. So when I started piecing it all together, I quickly realised that it was quite boring just seeing the planes do the same circuit multiple times from the same vantage point. Yawn.

So, rather than putting together a film of about 3 minutes, I thought that shortening everything down to about 30 seconds would sum up the day in a much more enjoyable manner. So here is the finished piece for the Red Bull Air Race 2014 in under 30 seconds plus some more photos too!

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