#AwesomeAugust – Holi One Colour Festival

I’ve finished the first video from #AwesomeAugust of the Holi One Colour Festival from the weekend just passed. Take a look at the video below and then read on for more details!

Technical Details

Due to the nature of the event with so much paint flying around, I decided to film this entirely on a GoPro Hero 3, rather than risk taking my DSLR in some form of waterproof bag. The vast majority of the footage was shot at 100fps which allowed me to slow the footage down 4x to 25fps giving great detail on all the powder being thrown around.

Of course, increasing the frame rate comes with a few drawbacks. First of all, the Hero 3 can only shoot above 50fps at a resolution of 1280×960, so the picture would need to be scaled and sharpened slightly to be viewed in full HD at 1080p. I feel that the benefits of shooting with a higher frame rate far outweigh the cost of scaling the footage.

Another drawback to shooting with a higher frame rate is that because of the faster shutter, less light is able to reach the sensor which can produce darker imagery in the final result. This made it a little trickier than normal when it came to grading (colouring) the final footage in post production, as a lot of the filming was already dark because it took place late into the evening.

Thoughts on the Video in General

As far as the final video is concerned, I’m pleased with the results, but I know it could be pushed so much further. There is always a balance that needs to be maintained with this particular type of event; as I want to get as much footage as possible, but I also want to make sure that I enjoy the event as it’s happening. I also managed to completely empty the GoPro battery flat out from all the filming, so I was unable to get any more footage which made it very difficult to edit together afterwards.

It was my first time doing a complete video with a GoPro and also my first time ever working with higher frame rate footage. There will be plenty more to come of this style of video and hopefully they will just continue to improve along the way. The whole reason for doing this #AwesomeAugust is to get more filmmaking experience and improve my skills at a time when I have a large number of events coming up.

As an event though, Holi was pretty amazing and I loved how open everyone was to getting messy and throwing paint over strangers. I’d definitely recommend having a go yourself!

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