#AwesomeAugust – The Events I’ll be Making Videos of

This month, I am crazy busy with events and social occasions. I’ve been near enough fully booked for each weekend of August since about June. With so many events to go to, that gives me reason to film things and make some videos! I’m pretty much looking to film anything and everything at the moment as I’m testing the water on my camera and editing skills, so follow my #AwesomeAugust to see the results of what I’ll be getting up to. Below are a few of the higher profile events I’ll be at with many social gatherings happening in between.

Holi One

Beginning on August 2nd, for the first event of the month is the Holi One festival in Wembley park with Elly and a few other friends. Holi is a Hindu spring “festival of colours” or “festival of love” where people come together and throw paint or coloured powder over each other. It’s an ancient festival in countries such as India and Nepal, but recently has made it’s way to Western parts of the world in the form of a colourful music festival without the religion.

Essentially, we all turn up, drink plenty of beers and then on the hour every hour, we throw coloured powder at each other and in the air. Of course you can throw your colours at any point in time, but the mass effect of everyone at once is quite stunning!

Update: Here’s the video I made of Holi, shot entirely on a GoPro:

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

With over 100 balloons flying over Bristol, the Balloon Fiesta is an amazing event to witness and (weather permitting) I’ll be heading to it on the weekend of August 9 with a few friends. Of course, I’ll be filming a lot of this as well!

Growing up near Bristol, the balloon fiesta is a rather fond memory of mine. I used to go quite often with my grandparents or parents and spend the whole day going round the activities and eventually setting up a picnic to watch the balloons ascend into the sky, then sticking around later into the evening for the night glow. The last time I went was 3 years ago and the weather was so bad, only about 3 balloons inflated and none of them took off. Before that, the last time I went must have been close to 12 years ago, so I’m eagerly anticipating this year’s event and hoping the weather holds out!

Red Bull Air Race

If there was ever going to be an extreme event involving planes racing through what can only be described as an obstacle course in the sky, it would of course be organised by Red Bull. Held at Ascot Racecourse over the weekend of August 16-17, this is probably going to be an exciting event! Check out the trailer for it below and be sure to check back for the footage that I put together at the end of the month.

Update: Here’s the video I made of the Red Bull Air Race – all in under 30 seconds.

Notting Hill Carnival

Over the August bank holiday weekend (24-25) is the annual Notting Hill Carnival. Having lived in London for 5 years now, I’ve still never properly been! I caught the end of it one afternoon a few years ago and was actually quite disappointed by it, but I don’t really count that year. This year, I’m hoping that with the right people I’ll be able to have a great time and get some great video footage too!

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