Virgin London Marathon

Living so close to London, I feel that I need to make the most of the big events that are happening around me in the capital. Rather than watching things happening on the TV, I now have it in my head to go and see these things for real. Last week, I realised that it was the London Marathon on the weekend. Having nothing else planned for the day I decided I should go and watch the race. Shorts and t-shirt, camera bag set, I made my way to Waterloo. I didn’t get to London until about 11 as I had to buy my Glastonbury ticket beforehand so I figured the best place to watch the marathon would be somewhere near the end at St. James’ Park. Whilst walking through the city, I realised just how many people had turned up to show support. Even the roads that weren’t on the route were packed with people. I found myself a spot along one side of St. James’ Park and got a few photos before moving down closer towards Buckingham Palace and stayed there for the next few hours taking photos.

It was such a good day with people giving so much support to the runners and charities that they represented and even people that appeared to be struggling whether they knew them or not. London was definitely in a good mood. I’ve selected and edited a few of the shots from the day. You can see more on my Flickr set.

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