Second Year Semester 2.0 Portfolio Hand-In

Here is my portfolio of work from the second semester of my second year of my Graphic Design degree. It comprises of work from the Unit ‘Audiences and Contexts’ as well as my Independent Practice from January up until May 2011.

In my third year, I will be looking to define which area of graphic design I would like to specialise in and build up a network of contacts and places of inspiration whereby I can base myself. I would like to spend a great amount of time pressing myself as a freelance designer during my time left at university and look to get a job within the industry as soon as I can after finishing the course. I have a large interest in some of the competition briefs such as the D&AD Awards as well as the RSA briefs and would like to enter one or possibly two of these. I am very pleased with my independent practice based on web development and will be starting a new project with a few friends over the summer. The aim is to create a collaborative website and blog that will showcase our work and allow us to post work in progresses as well as inspiration. I’m not sure how long this will take to set up but I hope to have the first version finished by September. I will also be making a mobile version of this website that will allow better viewing on smaller screens on devices such as iPhones and iPads. I will also be continuing my development as a photographer in the future. I have recently submitted for a Student press card with the British Association of Journalists, so I will soon be able to get better access at events and maybe even situations of breaking news.

I’m very much looking forward to the coming year but it is still very daunting to think that it will soon be over and I will be very much on my own in the industry. Time for a Guinness I think.

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