Quick Update

2011 is going to be a year of big decisions I predict. I’ve recently shifted my mentality towards certain things into a much more professional manner. In the past week, I received the forecast for the next few months at Uni and what is expected to happen. It dawned on me that things are now getting busy. It made me realise that there is so much opportunity about and I am missing parts of it. The biggest part that stood out for me was the prospect of having a work placement for as much as about 6 weeks around Easter time. This really made me want to pull everything together and get things rolling. Today has been the start of that. I’ve been looking into many design companies; some that I’ve been following for a few years and some that I have recently discovered. I’ve been researching into their processes, their history and the teams that they work with. I’ve been looking into aspects of graphic design, photography and even video. Before I make contact to these companies to try and get some experience in the studio I have had to make a few updates myself. Today I have been tweaking a few things on my site and trying to learn new methods of making it easier for myself to update and for the rest of this week I will be adding further content to my portfolio and also redesigning my CV and making some printed materials to send out.

This is a week of progress and I thought I should mark it right here.

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