Minute Long Commercials

I’ve been without the internet for the past 2 months almost so I haven’t been able to post anything new, but I’m currently connected so here’s an update. By the middle of next month, I should have the internet again and my section of the blog should be flying.

I’ve been following the Rugby World Cup almost 100% this year, watching all of the games but occasionally falling asleep due to the early starts and there have been a few commercials that have pushed the minute barrier and have stood out to me. I love seeing companies that have a huge budget and just want to make a decent bit of film to show during peak time on TV. Something that isn’t product orientated or overly branded to say who they are. Something that just shows their passion and enthusiasm to making great things. Two companies come to mind immediately when I think of this quality; Guinness and Nike. Throughout the years, they have both commissioned agencies to create long adventurous adverts that don’t need to sell anything new, just to say that they’re still there making the great things they’ve always made.

Here are four ads that have stayed in my mind and have been shown time and time again at lengths more than a minute long – Which I know has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds maybe even millions to air. I’ll update with more as the tournament continues and heads into the knockout stages where no doubt something awesome will air to the world.

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