Location, Location, Relocation.

It’s been an interesting month or so with myself and web development. Quite a few things have been going on and keeping me busy to say the least whilst I’m waiting to go back to Uni in September for my final year. Firstly, I’ve been working on a new website that will be based mainly around the idea of showing a collaboration of work from James Martin, Sinéad Birmingham, Russell Beswick and myself. It’s still in very early days but it will eventually show portfolios of work for all of us individually as well as having a blog that we will all contribute to as well as individual blogs. The idea I have in mind is that we will all post our inspirations and work in progress for all to see. The Main page is live but not much else is going on with it at the moment.

Go have a look! That Design

In other web related news; I’ve made the decision to move all my web hosting from UK2 to StableHost for a much better deal all round. It’s been on my mind for a while as I’ve wanted to set up Google Apps to get joe@joeallam.co.uk working perfectly, rather than redirecting to another email account. But, I couldn’t do this without paying UK2 £16 a year to enable DNS Management. Another problem was the limit on the amount of Sub-Domains I could have (10). The main issue that pushed me over the edge to look for a new hosting company was the limit of MySQL databases I could make. One. Ridiculous. Meaning I couldn’t set up a blog on a different database for That Design let alone multiple ones for all of us. All should be well now as my hosting is now done with StableHost and I’m paying only £29 a year. Much better than the £75 I paid UK2. I feel a fool for not doing it earlier but that’s the way things go!

Finally, my blog has a few new features for myself and viewers to make things more interactive and easier for me to use. For example, I have now included Twitter and Google+ Buttons throughout the blog as well as the ability for people to mention Twitter users in the comments. Give it a go, comment on this post and mention someone on twitter such as “@joeallam”.

That pretty much rounds up the latest things I’ve been doing with the web. What are you up to? Anyone want to try out the new commenting?

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  1. That hosting deal you had previously sounds terrible.
    I love being able to use my professional email through the Mail app, much better than the horrible online interface they offer.

    @joeallam this is also pretty nifty. (If it works)

    1. Yeah it was absolute kak what they were offering. I had my email come through Mail as well but I never fully trusted it. Now that it’s Google’s servers pushing it through to Mail I feel like I can rely on it! @jamesmartin_ yup the twitter thing works as expected. But it’s a shame it can’t send a tweet as well that says you were mentioned on this post…

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