Imagination, Not Invention

A short animation from a group project at Uni. The brief was to visually show an aphorism in a 30 second video. The aphorism that we chose to display was “Imagination, not invention is the supreme master of art as of life”. We worked with my camera and some Bowens protable lighting as well as my tripod (Manfrotto 190X Pro B). In my opinion, the tripod ended up being the best thing we had. And that’s for this reason…

Manfrotto 190X Pro B

The shaft can be arranged into a completely horizontal format and that made it so much easier for us to animate and capture the images for the whole sequence.

Overall, I think the whole process gave us a real insight into making animations and definitely made me want to work on more projects like this. There are a few things that we could have done to make it better such as an environment whereby all the lighting could be controlled. With our current setup, we were below a skylight which gave a few cloud casts on the working area. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the final work from video to audio.

Here’s the finished video

Imagination Not Invention from Joe Allam on Vimeo.

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