Good Morning

It’s very early in the morning, but I can confirm that all five blogs of That Design are fully set up and ready to rock and roll. This has been a little project of mine and I would love to see it grow into something a lot more substantial than just a website with our work and blogs. I’ve been experimenting a  lot with WordPress and in particular the Mini-Sites upgrade that I have implemented allowing multiple blogs to be run and managed in one database. There have been a few ups and downs whilst I learnt what was going on, however I’m pretty sure that using this method will become much more useful for the future of the site.

There are 3 main parts to the blog section. Firstly, there are the four individual blogs that we each will have access to, posting entries about our work, other peoples work and just general inspiration. Then there is the Main Blog which will gather all of our posts together into one long stream. This will hopefully be the most used section where people can view posts by all of us. And finally, there is all the automation that happens behind the scenes including things such as automatic tweeting of new blog posts, updates to statistics of page views and visitors, automatic updating of articles that are changed on the users individual blog and so on. This in turn will hopefully help keep the main stream ‘flowing’ with information with as little effort but total control.

There is still a lot to be done with the whole site; as currently, there is only a home page and blog section complete. In the next few days I will hopefully have the contributors and contact pages set up fully. I am expecting the portfolio section to take quite a while to create and gather content so I cannot put a timeline on that. In the meantime, you can follow @thatdesign and @joeallam for updates to see what’s going on!

How far will That Design take us?


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