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I’ve been fumbling around with HTML and CSS a bit more in the past week. I’ve been doing bits here and there for occasional hours at a time and have made a new leap with my website development. I now have an iOS version in the making! This is something that I’ve been wanting for quite a while, ever since I had my flash site. It used to frustrate me that people on iPhones couldn’t see my site because I’d built it in Adobe Flash. Even now that I have a fully working HTML version, I’m still not fully satisfied. It took a little research to get going with the iOS version but the main design and framework is in place and all that’s left to do is the portfolio pages.

Favicon for the iOS Version of My Site Home Page for the iOS Version of My Site

I’m especially pleased with the ‘Let’s Talk’ page with the links to other social networks. If you click the Facebook link and you have the Facebook App installed, it will switch app to show my profile and from there you can add me as a friend.

Let's Talk Page For the iOS Version of My Site

You can view the site by visiting on your iPhone and it will redirect or go direct to

I will be posting more details as I develop this section further.

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  1. @joeallam testing this linking to twitter.

    1. Replying replying replying. I just can’t stop.

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