Using MacJournal to Update

I recently bought MacJournal in the latest MacHeist NanoBundle and have just set it up to link in with my blog. All I had to do was enable the XML-RPC from the link This then allowed me to fully link MacJournal to my blog and it immediately recognised it as a WordPress setup. There was then an option to “Download entries from the blog…” which did precisely that. Allowing me to have an online backup of all my blog posts and protect myself from that fatal error of previous times

Here’s how it looks as a desktop application:

MacJournal Screenshot

This is really just a test post to see how it works. Since writing this post I’ve realised that there a two fundamental flaws to it.

  1. There is no “HTML view” or even a helpful useful buttons tool like there is within WordPress admin to do use regular tasks like creating buttons, imbedding media etc.
  2. Dropping a picture into the post is really great with drag and drop but there should be some way of resizing it within the application.

[Update] Since posting direct from MacJournal, I have discovered that I cannot use HTML tags within the Application and therefore will not be using it for future postings. However, I will probably still use it frequently to make a back up of my posts every once in a while.

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