Typeface Creation

I’ve been working on the creation of a font for a few weeks now as part of the process to build up on my knowledge of typographic terms and also as a way of experimenting with typefaces. It’s taken longer than I thought it would; but I have completed the majority of my Font in lowercase and uppercase and am quite pleased with the outcome.

I wanted to push myself beyond creating just a geometric font and really test my skill with Illustrator and my patience with precision. I also wanted to create a serif font, rather than a sans serif as I thought it would better my skill in type design. In the past I have made bits of type using the obvious “sticks and circles” method, but this time I wanted to create an actual working font. I took inspiration from one of my favourite serif fonts, Georgia; and got to work on creating my type.

I had a couple of basic principles that I wanted to stick to as best I could. The first is dependent on the thickness of the type. I created the stems of my type using one of two widths, created from two squares; one 50% bigger than the other. I then created some circles with the same diameter as the squares and used these to create my serifs. With these main principles in place, I was then free to creatively explore the aesthetics of my font.

Type Rules

Lowercase Alphabet

The toughest characters to make were the letters “s” and “g” due to the awkward angle and precision needed for the curved sections. After I had successfully completed them, they then became my favourite letters out of my typeface.

sg design

There are still sections that I would like to improve on, but overall, this has been a very interesting task and I have enjoyed creating my first complete font. I’ll definitely be creating more in the future.

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