Shooting The Stars – Mining Statistical Posters

We were given a brief to take a recent news/media story and re-represent/exaggerate/twist it or show a different perspective of it. I chose to look at the recent Mining Disaster/Rescue that happened in Chile in October of this year. If you’re not sure of the story, where have you been? (clearly not Chile.) You can read up on it here.

I looked into quite a few different ideas of how I could represent it from over-dubbing a news broadcast to tell a different story (for example, changing the figures or playing the news report from an earthquake or other global event) to showing info-graphics about the events as they unfolded or even typographic quotes from other countries such as China complaining that their conditions are much worse and that they don’t get as much coverage as the Chileans. It wast this idea that made me look into statistics of deaths in mines across the world. Some were quite shocking and I felt very naive to have not known just how bad they actually were. I decided to make a start on a series of posters that make these stats aware and show a contrast across some of the biggest mining countries in the World.

I decided to make the figures typographic as it showed the facts in cold hard truth with no misunderstanding from info-graphics etc.

Chile - Mining Statistics

USA - Mining Statistics

South Africa - Mining Statistics

Sierra Leone - Mining Statistics

China - Mining Statistics

Chile - Mining StatisticsUSA - Mining StatisticsSouth Africa - Mining StatisticsSierra Leone - Mining StatisticsChina - Mining Statistics

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