Pinhole Photography Excellent Idea

I made a pinhole camera and had the intention of going into London to get some photos with it. I like the idea of knowing that the photos will be really shit quality. It gives it that vintage feel. A bit like a cross processed image or a polaroid. So off I toddle to London with this photographic adventure all planned out in my brain. It was all going well; as far as taking photos is concerned until I took them to Snappy Snaps to get the film developed. It turns out that the film didn’t wind on quite as planned. The film had wound on, but slightly overlapped each previous image. So I’m left with a really long panoramic of the whole London trip on a single negative and no ability to get the photos. Yet.

I’ll see if I can use a neg scanner to get digital versions of them. Otherwise it becomes an obsolete piece of silver coated plastic.

I was also taking digital versions as I went along and this one really stood out for me. Enjoy.

Thames Skyline Fade


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