Nifty Fifty

I bought myself a nifty fifty last week. To those that don’t know, thats a 50mm lens for my camera. It’s on the “essentials” list for some of the most successful photographers this here world has ever known. So, I thought I would jump on the train and try and get myself on that same list.

I was sat in the room and literally decided that I would check my balance and then walked off into town and bought a 50mm f1.4. I can honestly say that it’s one of the best impulse spends I’ve done in a long time. The shallow depth of field available with the ultra wide aperture is simple incredible and the sharpness of the image is mind-blowing. Without too much procrastination, here are the first few shots I’ve edited with this love bug of a piece of glass.

I Got Myself a Nifty Fifty

iPhone Self Portrait

Looking Up


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