Late Night Walk Through London

I finished work one evening in July and didn’t want to go home straight away. I had my camera with me and some sandwiches so I thought “What better way to spend my evening than walking through London taking photos.” And that’s exactly what I did. First, I went and sat in Trafalgar Square eating m sandwiches and then I reeled off a fair amount of shots but they all seemed a bit cliché. Until I got this one.

Trafalgar Square People

I was quite pleased with it and they people in the photo didn’t realise I grabbed the photos which is a natural bonus. I then walked down through Westminster and avoided all the touristy photos that we’ve all got a million times over and decided to take photos of litter scattered along South Bank. Here are my favourite ones.

McDonalds Cup

McDonalds Cup

McDonalds Mars Cup

Subway Cup

Smirnoff Bottle

Litter can be art, right?

Litter can be art, right?

I love how you can just about make out the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye in the background of a few of the shots. I had a lot of fun walking round watching people watching me take photos of utter crap but I’m super pleased with the results. Boom.

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