I Did A Wedding But I Wasn’t The Vicar

I did my first wedding in the middle of December. That’s photography, not being a vicar. I had been approached about weddings a few times throughout the year but each time was either inconvenient with college/uni or I just didn’t feel I was experienced enough for it. Then along came this offer. It was from a guy I knew from an old job who also happens to be a creative director at a Design Studio. I’d previously done some work with him on some product photography and he’s been viewing my work for a couple of years and was happy to hand me the responsibility of photographing his wedding day.

I almost had to turn it down because I wasn’t sure if I’d be back from University in time. However, it all worked according to plan and the wedding was very successful. Situated in a stately home in North Petherton, near Bridgwater in Somerset, the whole ceremony reception and after party would be held in the grounds of this magnificent house. I arrived in good time and had a scout around the house to see what locations would be good for some photos after the registration.

I was expecting to take around 1000 images in the day but I only just touched 700 which actually surprised me quite a bit considering the amount of time that I was there. I’ve since uploaded to Aperture and rated about 40 images from 1* to 5* in order for me to edit them and currently have about 10 left to do. So here are a few of the ones I have decided to upload online and would require some feedback before I file it as finished.

Lou & Rich On The Couch

Lou, Couch

Lou, Library

Rich & Lou Service

Halswell House

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