How much do you value time?

So, the beginning to this week was kind of hard. I was thrown back majorly with my current uni work. Previously, I had been working on an advertising campaign for ways of saving time. This was a brief written by myself in an area that I enjoy but hadn’t really explored this year. I had a vision of creating a series of print media showing certain comical ways of saving time e.g. eating cereal in the shower, getting dressed but not doing anything up and other ridiculous forms of ignorant logic. However, upon a talk with one of my tutors and a current designer, I was put into perspective the vision they had.

They were shocked to see that I knew where I wanted to go with this. They said I was the first person they’d seen who had an end vision for the final outcome. OK? There’s only a couple of weeks left for the year though. Surely now would be the time to know where the project was going? I was quoted as being quite direct in my work. This is something that I used to be guilty of, but I reformed and changed my way of thinking to a more open approach. All the while, I was having to de-cypher some ultimate artsy bullshit talk into the more common language; English.

Time is such a broad subject and I was advised to look into many aspects of it without knowing where the outcome would take me. A way of being limitless and open within my way of thinking. With it being such a broad subject area, the direction I could go in could take anything up to two years. If you were reading closely you would already know that there is only two weeks left of the year in which I need to finish this brief and the rest of the semester. Consider me baffled when they suggest that I go at the pace of something that could potentially take two years. I questioned numerous times about the final outcome. When should it be produced? How can it be presented? What should it consist of? The answer I discovered was that they weren’t looking for a final outcome. They want me to just bounce ideas around and see where it ends up. Without it ending, though.


So, I am to just play with ideas about anything and everything related to time. They even said that I need to fail. Fair enough, sometimes you fail and then you do it again and make it work. Not this time. There was no mention of doing it again. Just fail. Not passive failure (not turning up/doing the work) Just fail with ideas. “We have no evidence that you can fail.” I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not so I just sat back and pulled some ridiculous face you do when your mind can’t comprehend what your ears are hearing.

Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best of moods when I finished this meeting. I was left still confused and a little pissed off with the journey I’d been following. So, I got drunk. Completely wasted. Absolutely trolleyed you might say. These videos suggest that anyway:

I would just like to point out that I do not actively steal items such as trolleys and office chairs when drunk. We merely find them in the middle of the street and take them home.

I’ve since worked out where I’m going with this project and have been writing out many theories on time and it’s presence within our daily lives. Here’s a visual representation of the value of time as if it were a product.

How much do you value time?

Posh Time

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