Up until Monday the 12th of April 2010, I had a fully functioning blog linked in with my website joeallam.co.uk. 2 Weeks prior to this, I had decided to redesign my website. When it came to uploading the updated design, I had to remove the previous design. I was using a new application that I got from the latest MacHeist nanobundle; Flow. It took me a few moments to work out how to delete the pages. This meant that I had browsed and selected the correct files about 4 or 5 times, whilst I was working out how to remove them. Not once did I notice the folder named blog. If you’re unaware, my blog is built on the wordpress.org package that you can install into your site and run a blog seamlessly off your own webspace. So, with my cumbersome hands I managed to completely wipe said blog including all the posts I had made and even the custom design for it. Bugger. I wasn’t even the person who set my blog up, I got help from a friend of mine. Since I moved away to London for Uni, I haven’t had a great deal of contact with him and was not going to let myself become one of those people who contacts out of the blue for help with something that only they can help with. The reason I wasn’t going to do this is because I am often the person who gets contacted for technical support one way or another and I hate it. Especially if I haven’t been in contact with this person for a long period of time.
With this in mind, I set about trying to fix my blog myself. The only issue being; I din’t have a fucking clue what I was doing. I spent numerous hours last night changing little bits of CSS code, saving, then refreshing safari to see what it did. By about 3am, I had near enough finished the new look of my blog. I’m very pleased that I managed to work out how to customise the look with little to no experience with coding anything.

I honestly thought this was going to take days to solve which is why I posted this page on my newly redesigned website.

Ballsed Up Blog
Thankfully though, I’ve managed to work it all out and I much prefer it to the older style as it now has smaller text in a serif (Georgia) rather than that clunky sans-serif I had previously. Overall, I’m very pleased and look forward to starting all over again! (I say start over again, I do actually have some blog posts that I can copy across from my University blog

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  2. Hey, your Uni blog is not even working anymore. 🙂
    I understand the great hassle of reconstructing your blog but on the other side of the coin, it is actually fun to get geeky with the “script http” codes. I had a blog that I created last 2010 or 09 and I have to redo it as I wanted to go back to blogging again. I spent hours and hours and hours. It was fun but I am not that keen on setting it up again.

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