Did You See The Size Of That Goose

I rented a couple of lenses from the Media Store the other day. I saw that there were a few L series lenses available and thought I’d try my hand at the immense quality of the red ringed barrel of some expensive glass.

For those of you who don’t understand all this jibber jabber, an L series lens is Canon’s highest quality and most expensive range of lenses. They offer the sharpest quality image and the toughest build quality over any other lens. You can always spot a serious photographer if his lens has a thin red ring around the barrel of the lens denoting an L series. So you can understand my excitement when I borrowed these lenses!

The two lenses that I took from the Media Store were:

300mm f4L IS and the 17-40mm f4L

300mm IS f4L with 50D

Here’s a couple of the photos that I got with it down at the pond in the park.

Goose Drip

Goose Wings

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