Book Binding

I went to the bookbinding workshop with Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck and was shown how to bind a multiple section book together using simple bookbinding stitching. It was really useful to attend and gain a better knowledge of how to present work. It inspired me to want to make a portfolio out of a hand made book.

I learnt quite soon into creating the first book, that the pages I had chosen to use were too thick. Although they would add a nice texture and weight to the book; the pages were physically too thick to sit nicely together and look smooth.

Bookbinding Take 2.

As you can see, it doesn’t quite flow like a single book, it just looks like multiple ones stuck to each other.

Bookbinding take 2.

I then went and bought some newsprint and decided to have a go at making the same style book but with the much thinner paper. It was a lot easier to make and overall the book sat nicely as one product and flowed well between the pages.

Bookbinding Take 2.

Bookbinding Take 2.

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