Ad Campaign – Models Needed

I am currently working on an advertising campaign for university about saving time. It’s quite an everyday scenario but I will hopefully be taking a humorous approach to it. I am looking for a few people to help out with starring in the ads. I would rather work with people that won’t necessarily be recognised by my tutors or people on my course as I feel it will then a more professional feel to it. They will be print based, so no acting is needed, just the people posing in certain situations.

As I mentioned, the prints will be all about advertising ways of saving time so the style of photos I will be getting will be things like
– Eating cereal in the shower
– Sleeping in your clothes
– Liquidising foods
– Sliding down bannisters etc.

If anyone is interested in helping out then you can either email me or leave a comment below. It’ll definitely be quite a fun time doing the photos and I will look after you with a couple of beverages at a local pub afterwards!

I don’t have a specific date in mind, but it will need to be within the next 2 weeks at the very latest. Thanks in advance!

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