Early London Royal Parks Half Marathon Photos


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I’ve been following the Instagram account of @raskalov for a few months now and I have been seriously impressed with the fantastic images from the rooftops of famous cities around the world. Raskalov is part of a group of people known as On the Roofs, who travel around getting photos and videos from super high rooftops around the world.

Of course a lot of these photos could well be obtained through illegal actions – It’s even been mentioned in the some of the captions that the police are out looking for them – but that’s the most interesting thing; just how far will someone go for their creative work?

Similar to graffiti artists, it appears that these guys will trespass anywhere, all in aid of getting an insane perspective of a famous shot. And they really nail it.


On Tuesday, as the weather was looking fantastic, I decided to hop on over to Bushy Park in West London. I’d never actually been there before, so I was looking primarily to just see what was available and possibly get a few photos.

I am already in love with Richmond park (you can check out some of my photos from Richmond here) as they have loads of deer around and masses of open natural spaces. It always makes me feel wintry when I’m there and is especially good for a Sunday walk.


A couple of weeks ago, the Tour of Britain had its final leg through the centre of London. If you’re unaware, the Tour of Britain is a cycling fixture held annually where around 100 elite cyclists from around the world compete in time trial and circuit races to accumulate points and win the competition. As with most cycling fixtures, there are winners in multiple categories, represented by jersey colours for disciplines such as sprinting and mountain ascents. I’m no expert on cycling however I really enjoy watching these events whenever I can. With such a high calibre of cycling sportsmen taking part in the competition, I had to go and watch and of course take photos.


Disclaimer: First things first, this is a very geeky post. There are bound to be many people who will laugh at me for doing this, but in all honesty these are the types of posts and videos I enjoy reading. So, hit me.


As almost anyone who reads the news will know, many celebrities such as Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and most heavily published Jennifer Lawrence have recently had their iCloud accounts hacked leading to intimate, naked and private photos being acquired and released on the internet. In light of this recent celebrity scandal I have put together some thoughts.